French Toast Roll-Ups with a side of….

I have a great friend who despite our incredible volume and obnoxiousness still wants to hang out with us.  She really is great. Today we decided we would make something new for lunch instead of just letting the 13 kids scrounge on whatever they can find.

Generally, I loathe lunch.  I hate the question “What’s for lunch?”  and the all too common whine “I’m hungry.”  Maybe “I’m hungry” wouldn’t be so annoying if when I ask what they want, they had some idea of something edible in the universe. Regardless, lunchtime comes EVERYDAY.

french toast roll ups

Today’s delectable lunch was…..French Toast Roll-Ups.  I have made French toast with cream cheese and jelly inside two pieces of bread and then cooked like French toast so I knew that part would be delicious.  We pretty much followed the instructions – rolling out the bread with a rolling pin and slathering on the yummy stuff!  One thing we didn’t do was cut off the crust – seriously – that’s a lot of bread and I am too cheap for that!  But my friend taught me a new trick – using tongs to dip the French toast into the egg mixture – I have never thought of that!

Lunch today was a success.  My friend’s three kids ate plain French toast because they are particular about their food.  My nine kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  When we ran out of cream cheese we tried some with peanut butter – not quite as good.

An hour later, my friend and I sat down to eat our roll-ups.  They were crisp on the outside and the cream cheese and raspberry jelly squeezed out the end.  It was perfect – well, except for the the rotten stench of a poopy diaper.

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