Music to my ears

family pics  (149)My husband DadofNine has been blogging like crazy. In short, I’m jealous! I used to be the blogger. I started a blog back when we only had four kids!!! I am the one that used to blog and get paid for it. I am having a blast reading and following my husband’s blog so I figure I need to get busy.

So my hubby posted about #8 this morning and the birdies. Number 8 is tall and stocky for his age but sweet and soft like a teddy bear. His favorite character is Hulk! So he often growls, scowls and tries to scare people. The truth of it – he’s so darn cute he doesn’t scare flies! In fact, quite often he talks and I ask him to repeat himself because he is so darn cute! Seriously, hearing him talk is music to my ears.

So he walked into my room this morning totally bothered. “The boydies are makin noise” he grumbled. You have to try to imagine the accent! I said “they are saying good morning to you. They are singing” (I left out that the birds make noise everyday but that our stinkin house is so loud you can’t ever hear them). He asks “they are?” I assure him the birds are saying good morning. Short and sweet #8 says “I did not know that.” And off he went. And I turned to Evernote to document the cuteness.

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