Let The Good Times Roll

Yesterday a few of the kids and I visited my dad, his brother and his wife. We had a blast sharing stories from the past.kids with papa and rob

Like me as a five or six year old eating an entire rack of ribs by myself.

How much my dad reminds us of Frank on Everybody loves Raymond.

When my dad used the line “you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a VP” at the elevator at work years ago.

Or memories of the 36″ pizzas we used to get up in Wisconsin. No that is not a typo – 3 foot pizzas!  Don’t believe me just google 36″ pizza – it’s mind boggling.

Drive by viewings of the cool mill up at Berry College.  We got there as it started to get dark, so my mother nearly gave us whiplash flying by the mill.  We laughed and laughed as we relived the event.  Rome, Georgia is gorgeous!

wind mill berry collegeWe laughed about my sister singing loudly through the snorkel “Happy Bafday….dear Danielson”  (Karate Kid).  When I asked her about it she said she thought no one could hear her!!! LOL

The fact that I used to sneak away to the bathroom to throw my peas in the garbage can, or older when I ate ranch dressing on everything.

Or my one memory of the circus – my sister going down to participate in the circus.  For some reason I think I was worried that she would never come back.  Or I was jealous that I didn’t get to go.  As I wondered I said “I will have to ask Mom”  uh….or Heidi.  My mom passed away six years ago so I can’t ask her but I am sure my sister remembers.  It was great hanging out sharing memories that remind me of my mother.  I realized those memories won’t carry on if I don’t share them so I figured – what better place than my blog!

Life is short.  Losing my mother was the most heart wrenching experience of my life.  I used to talk to her on the phone nearly everyday.  Anytime I had a question about anything – I would call my mom.  I miss her.  She is in my heart and thoughts everyday though.  My dad is a trooper – he has risen to the occasion time and time again.  He has done things in the last few years that I would not have thought possible.  He inspires me.  He says he hopes we know how much he loves us!  I feel much the same – I hope he knows how much we love him!

A couple of the saddest things about losing my mother is  first, she didn’t like to be in pictures.  I don’t either but now seeing how hard it is to find it is find pics of someone so important, I suck it up and allow people to take some  of me.  The other thing,  some of my kids never met her which I can manage but some of the older kids don’t remember her that well.  So I want to share all the memories I have while I still can!  So parts of the this blog might bore you to the gourd but it is my family legacy.

 As we drove home, my oldest daughter said “I can’t wait to get older and have fun stories to share.  The stories we have are just a couple years old.”

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