No fuzzy bunny here.  A year ago while on a trip with friends we got rear-ended.  We were all fine, the car was fine, in fact the person who hit us never stopped!

About six months later I rode a roller coaster at Universal and OUCH – I was having some problems.  I visited my awesome friend and massage therapist and she fixed me right up.  Well, a few months after that the pain came back with a vengeance – way worse than before.  My awesome friend worked on me a couple of times and then suggested I see a chiropractor.  They both had the same diagnosis – whiplash.  Seriously, a year later I am feeling whiplash. Not cool.

It has been a couple of weeks and I am feeling much better!  The chiropractor even told me about Thumper – my new best friend!  It is a percussive massager.  I told my husband about it and added it to our Amazon cart.  Then a week and a half later it was delivered!! My husband bought it without me even knowing it! What a doll.

The kids like the way it makes you sound like Darth Vader if you try to talk while using it.

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