Oh where, oh where did the baby bottles go?

Keeping track of things with nine kids is pretty tricky.  We are watching a friends children as she is in the hospital having a baby.  We had not even had the children here for nine hours before we lost one child’s socks, another child’s shoes and the third child’s jacket.  No worries though – we have kids the same age so we just hooked them up with reasonable substitutes from our house.#9 cute hat

We lost bottles in public places, in the truck, under the couches.  In fact, we even had one kid one time throw a bottle over the side of the ferry in the river on the way to the Statue of Liberty.  Number 9 is just like the others.  Well, she actually is a little more creative.  I watched her one day finish the last few swigs of milk then casually walk by the garbage can and THROW THE BOTTLE AWAY!  No wonder we are down to three silly bottles – drive by bottle chuckings.

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