Busy Bags Swap – for Me??

I am one of those moms that loves to make things.  I love to print, cut, laminate, color, organize, design, etc.  The problem is – I don’t like letting the kids use the stuff.  They lose it, ruin it or just generally  don’t appreciate it.  I am a school supply/homeschool supply hoarder but that is a whole different issue!

This post is mostly a place I can document that I  want to do this and then I don’t have to worry about losing the site. So feel free to stop reading!

So once upon a time I found this link for a busy bag swap – sounds heavenly!  Would I let the kids use them though?  Probably not.

Six years ago I made a ton of file folder games.  We have used one or two but the others just sit around taking up space. Argh!  Maybe it is all about perspective – I could do the busy bag swap for ME!  Just for  the  fun of organizing it and making stuff.


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