Breakfast of Champions

What happens when mom has to run out the door for a chiropractor appointment with no breakfast food in the house? She arrives at the chiropractor half full of an apple and Cheetos cheese on her fingers. Yes, this really happened.

As I filled out paperwork, the question came up – do you have a high stress life. I checked yes. I am not a brain surgeon nor a police office but I am under a high level of stress all the time.

Writing it here sounds dumb but raising nine children and homeschooling them stresses me out! There is a constant level of noise, endless requests for my attention, worries of safety and overwhelming feelings of ruining these cool little people for life. I guess the stress is caused because I take my job so seriously. I have wiser friends that say someday I will learn to relax; that at some point I will not worry about every single facet of our lives. Not there yet. Maybe someday.

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