Life is Fine with InDesign

For years I have had InDesign on my computer and never knew how to use it.  I had tinkered with it but got frustrated – it just didn’t make any sense.  For another year or two I had my super awesome friend telling me how awesome it is and that she doesn’t even use Word anymore.  Well, she is super talented so I didn’t think I could use it.  One day I threw caution to the wind and started learning. She was right – it  is AWESOME!  In fact, I can do so many things I never would have thought possible.  It has pretty much replaced Pinterest as my go to when I am stressed.  I still have Pinterest but I enjoy making the stuff instead of just organizing it!  I find myself telling other people exactly what she said all those times “I could do that so much quicker on InDesign”.

Well, my husband is out of town.  Two days before he left my computer died.  My awesome brother-in-law started helping my husband fix it but then he had to leave.  I am stuck for an entire week with no computer.  No InDesign.  In fact, I am attempting to download a free trial on my husband’s laptop but that isn’t working either.  It is like technology is mocking me.  Not nice.

Tindesign downloadhis is what the computer is saying.

What happened to the progress page? I “wasted” #9’s entire nap time trying to get InDesign.  Now she is awake and I am still left wanting.

It is like the computer is putting its “fingers” in its “ears” and sticking out its “tongue” at me.  Not sure about my grammar there – forgive me!

Life isn’t always a box of cherries or is it chocolates?  I love them both so it doesn’t matter.  Here’s to hoping it downloads soon!

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