While Daddy’s Away….

8 bike on couchNot a very clear picture but I didn’t really want to make too big of a deal taking a picture.  Yep, Daddy is out of town for the week and I feel a mutiny on the rise.  It all started yesterday (the day Daddy left 🙂 of course).   It was a holiday so being a cool mom (LOL) I invited a ton of kids over to play.  One child couldn’t get together with one of his friends so I took him to the Dollar Tree.  Yes, three hours after Daddy left I was feeling pretty good!

All was well for the most part while the kids were over and playing.  The most kids at one time was 17!  And yet we sent them into the back yard and life was good.  There were a couple minor injuries and a couple of my kids whining about being bored. But overall it was a great day.  Six hours after Daddy left – still feeling pretty good!  The kids played outside and played the Wii – they were in heaven.

Eleven hours after  Daddy’s departure we went to sing some songs for a couple of sweet women we know.  It went off without a hitch but after the singing some kids went mental – seriously – banging the bathroom door at the house of these sweet older women?  Climbing the tree out front of their  house, letting the 2 year old run free through a parking lot and the list goes on and on.  Disaster ensued when we got home. Why did I let them play the Wii again?? Pestering, fighting, yelling, HITTING – seriously?  Was it just because they knew Daddy wasn’t coming home???

Twenty-four hours after Daddy left, I find a note on my floor.  I pick it up and start to read it…”I hate my mom…”  Yep, that pretty much sums up the last 24 hours.  So to entertain myself I hung up the note on my wall where I tack up the pictures the kids give me.  I thought I would wait until that child found the note there but since we had a quiet moment together I decided to mention it.

I remember thinking I hated my mom for this and that too.  I remember thinking that my mom favored my brother.  Now that I am a mom, I can see so much more into it. Often, I want to call my mom and apologize or tell her – you were so awesome for putting up with us!  I remember thinking I  was so smart as I took my advanced classes and got my  presidential scholarship  to college.  Now I find myself accepting that I don’t remember the crazy functions in Algebra or never really excelled at determining the theme in a story.  But what  makes me chuckle EVEN MORE (and I shouldn’t tell them) is that I intentionally don’t want to learn to do things.  I don’t want to know how to turn on the Wii – not interested and I don’t appreciate the little monsters they turn into when they get to play.

If I apply myself and wipe off the cobwebs I might actually remember how to do Algebra – then I am the tutor.  Not  cool. I don’t have the brain power, time or energy for that!  I know my mom wasn’t as dumb as I thought she was (not that I would ever use those terms to describe my mother).  But now I can see – she was BRILLIANT!!!!  If only I would have told her that while she was alive. You are awesome Mom!  I didn’t notice but I sure learned a lot from you.

So I think I am doing this mom thing right:  they think I am dumb AND at any given moment someone hates me!

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