One, Two, It’s Not the Flu – Whew!

Three, four til Daddy hits the door….

Day two of Daddy away left Mommy feeling yucky. I was coughing not stop to the point my throat was killing me and my head was near to explode. By bedtime I had a fever. Moms aren’t supposed to get sick – especially with Daddy thousands of miles away.

I went to urgent care this morning and was so relieved that it is not the flu!! I was good about getting the kids their flu shots – I never got mine. So I am being treated for a sinus infection. I feel blessed though because I have some awesome children that are so willing to jump in and help with the littles so I can rest.

Thanks kids – I owe you!

Now for the humor. The doctor came in and said “You have nine children? I already called the hospital. They are going to Baker Act you – it should give you about a 23 day visit. Think of it as a vacation.” Too funny!

What was cool though – he is one of seven and although it was really hard and sometimes miserable he says it is awesome now to have such a big family! Eyes on the prize, Mindy. I just imagine huge family gatherings with all my kids and their children!! Can’t wait!

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