New Mutiny – Mom’s the Leader

Well it has been said “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Day four of Daddy’s trip and there is a new mutiny going on. Apparently no chores are being done, only the big kids are doing school and mommy offered ice cream cones at 10 am. Yes, you read that correctly. 10 AM!


When Daddy leaves I really try to go out if my way and make things fun. Well, I have been in bed since yesterday morning and that is BORING! My head feels like exploding so I just lay down and close my eyes. I am writing this while I eat my ice cream cone because I have to look at what I’m doing! I am messy on a good day ;). By the way, this cone is GOOD!! Even at 10 am.

Meanwhile the kids ask if they can do something and I seriously don’t care. Sure – sleep on the roof, dye your hair orange – okay maybe not that extreme. Thankfully they haven’t asked to do that. All I want is for the babies to be taken care of. Beyond that most requests seem reasonable.

One thought on “New Mutiny – Mom’s the Leader

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