World’s Best Friends

How do you know when you have the World’s Best Friends? Well, it could be that the bring you dinner when you are sick, that they watch kids for you when you need a sitter, or that they let you call or text anytime day or night! I have several of those amazing friends!! I feel to warn you though that this turned out crazy long! I really am a blessed person! I do have wonderful friends. I worry about listing friends for fear of leaving someone out. And if you know me I could literally lose sleep over that. I hate hurting feelings. I am not naming names because then all my friends can find a piece of themselves in my words – you are already in my heart. So in no particular order:

One friend still loves me even though I always bug her with medical questions. From the first moment I saw her I went right up to talk to her – convinced we would be friends. I guess that is friendship at first sight 😉   She is also one that I can sit and chat with for hours and still not want to stop! Her daughters are one of my daughters bestest friends. And they are good friends. The kind that can pick up my child and I don’t flinch at all or worry about what they will be doing.

Another friend has spent hours and hours and hours with me. And she still likes me!! We could do just about everything together and never get sick of each other. She has taught me a ton about digital design and I love it. I never thought I could do something like that! She also says I am welcome to whine away anytime! (And she means it). She plans parties with me, teaches me all kinds of stuff and likes to try new things in the presence of a friend – perfect!! Her kids are like siblings to mine – they even fight like it some days! The most touching thing she said was when she was out west with her family and during an activity she said “Mindy is missing.” I am not really family but she considers me so. ❤️

One friend hugs me every time she sees me (unless one of us is sick) and it is the most sincere display of love – ever! It is like the love of a mother and it melts my heart. She has endured trials and hardships that don’t seem fair but her ability to trust in the Lord and press onward is truly remarkable!  And she will drive to the ends of nowhere to help bring comfort to another.

One friend lives around the corner and is constantly helping us out with everything and after a week like this I do mean everything! I still wonder why she is our friend – we are loud and crazy and when we get sick we are needy. She and her husband have taught us that we really can choose family. Our kids call them Aunt and Uncle. Since my kids closest aunt and uncle are two hours away we could NOT be more blessed to have such loving friends/family 33 seconds away (literally).  I think we have established “we are framily”

One friend has been thousands of miles away for years and yet every time we talk it is like we are right there together. She taught me how to serve in Primary along with another amazing friend who has gone on to heaven. She makes me laugh so hard! The thought of her absence makes me want to cry. She is so dear to my heart that ten years ago we asked if they would take our children if something ever happened to us – that sums it up for me.

One friend I am going to write about on the 28th because it will be six months since her passing. She is so dear to me I will likely bawl through the post. So grab a tissue on the 28th!

One of her sisters is another great friend. The relationships and love within their families are almost too good to be true. The love and trust they have seems as though they shouldn’t need anyone. Yet, they open their hearts to us! It is an honor to know her. To laugh with her, to get to know her children and grandchildren.

One friend, a mother of many, touches my heart deeply every time I speak with her. I am pretty sure everyone feels this way about her but I am incredibly thankful for her. She offers me advice – truthful advice – in fact one of my favorites was “If I had know what they would grow up to be I would’ve eaten them when they were young”. Come on – you gotta love someone who can give advice like that! Despite trials and heartbreak, she is a rock! That is who I want to become like!

Yet another friend has known me for many years and still keeps in touch. I was blessed to get to know much of her family during our time at college. She is awesome! Brilliant, determined, spiritual, kind. Despite our differences in religion we both reached out and the friendship we formed is deep and precious! I cherish that I have met your husband and children. You are always in my heart.

Another friend never gives up on me. She is willing to do anything for us despite the uneasy seas in her own life. I consider her a dear friend – she has always been heartfelt with me and that goes a long way! Her daughter is a treasure to my family and to those around her!

Another friend clicked from the moment I met her. I feel like I could tell her anything. I truly believe we were friends before because we just fit! She has moved away for a time and we don’t chat much – but I still think of you!  You know who you are – I LOVE you!!!

Another friend spent so much time with our family, life was lonely when she couldn’t come over. She was always willing to help in any way. Always willing to chat and played an enormous role in my healing when my mother passed away. She was by my side laminating for hours on end, only speaking if I felt like it. That is Christlike love.

Another friend moved away a couple of years ago but I am still blessed to see her every now and again. She is the epitome of having her act together! She is amazing at everything she does but never comes across snobby. She was a pen pal to #2 and I tend to have a super soft spot in my heart for people who reach out to my children.  You make my heart leap when your eyes light up when you see me.

Another friend also was a pen pal with #2. She really reached out and made her feel special. She also has an amazing, amazing family! I feel so blessed when she tells me about them and shares their Christmas cards. It gives me a hope for a large, close, LDS family in our future. Her husband is also is the kindest, most gentle, humble man! So blessed to know them!

One friend and I became really close during a time we were both pregnant. I cherished the time to hang out with her and learn from her. She is amazing – another person with a lot of adversity but still remains steadfast and true! She has and always will be an amazing example and friend to me.

Another friends cracks me up! She is inspiring, hilarious, brilliant and spiritual but also very honest! It is such a comfort to hear that others lives are not as perfect as we make them out to be; therefore thinking something must be wrong with us. It has truly been life altering and her advice years ago about a challenging child will never leave my mind. She said “Heavenly Father sent that child to you because He knew you would love him enough to get him the help he needs.” Seriously life changing.

One friend loves my children like grandchildren. She teaches them, tutors them and goes out of her way to make us all feel special. She even surprised us with a drop in visit when she moved back. We were SO excited!!

Another friend I only see once a week but I feel genuine love from her. She called me when I had my first c section to give me priceless advice. She smiles and gives hugs every time she sees me. And when she tells me about her precious family, I smile that she cares enough to share it with me!

One friend I have not even known for a year but she has really been here for me! She has helped me out in priceless ways this week alone! She is humble and kind and so willing to give of herself. My oldest even said there is something special about her! We are drawn to you – hope that doesn’t scare you!! But we feel very blessed you moved here.

Another friend is an amazing example to me. Well, they all are. But her strength and consistency leave me speechless. She has amazing traits like discipline and consistency!!! I love to be with her in hopes I can become like her. We also have a really hard time ending conversations. Too bad we don’t have more opportunities to just endlessly chat.

A long time ago when I first joined the church a mother of ten showed me who I wanted to be when I grew up. I loved everything about her – her spirit, her kindness, her huge family!! She gave me honest advice throughout the years also which has given me hope and strength to go on.

One friend I didn’t know too long but again, we just clicked from the start. She was my visiting teaching companion and I just loved spending time with her. I hope I am spunky and fun like her when I get older. She was super spiritual, worked for General authorities but came across humble and kind. What a woman. I do miss you!

One friend is the most giving person I know! She has a large family but seems to get it all done WITH a smile on her face! She is superwoman to me! Her testimony is solid and her example to all is inspiring.

Another friend is one of the nicest people I have EVER met. She is the best hostess I have ever seen – even if you are just going for a meeting at her house! She will give a friend everything she has and more. I can call or text her anytime. She gives me heartfelt advice and much-needed love! I hope she knows how special she is! There is truly not another person like her!

Another mom of a big family was one of my first Sunday School teachers. She touched my heart and made a permanent home for herself in my heart forever. Her amazing patience has always been miraculous and I still can’t comprehend it. But I have determined it is one of her many gifts from the Lord. I love you and your family!

One friend is utterly amazing and breaks my heart because she cannot see it. I know that is the plague of most women but it is even more true for her. She is brilliant, beautiful, selfless, and fun! She fits in perfectly with our family and we love her like family!

One angel, yes she is a friend but a better term is angel. I have known her since I was baptized. I have never met another person who can put on a sincere, loving smile despite constant adversity. She listens to every prompting of the Holy Ghost and acts on them! She has probably  single-handedly blessed the lives of thousands or more. I love to hear the stories of how miraculously a person had what they needed – it was this friend that did it! It might be a phone call or an item sitting in her house that she feels inspired to give and it answers someone’s prayer. She probably doesn’t see herself this way but she is. At a young age, twelve if I remember, She nursed her mother with cancer. Sat by her bed and cared for her every need. It made her the most compassionate person I have ever known. And although I do not see you often, I think if you often and long to be like you.

Another friend is her and her husband again. We have known them as long as we have been married. They have loved us and nurtured us ever since. Even though we have moved several times he is the one person who has been to every single baby blessing!! That’s impressive! Someone once asked if they were my parents – I responded “my church parents”. They are the example I long to live up to! His beautiful wife is soft-spoken and kind and stays positive no matter the odds.

Another friend met every single baby in the hospital except the last because she moved states away. She is a baby lover by nature. At church she was lovingly named the baby snatcher – but in a good way! She reached out to our young family and helped in so many ways. Even after we moved, she would visit and my kids still felt like she was their biggest fan. We still make recipes she made that the kids adored! Out of state but not out of our heart.

One friend loves me. There are so many amazing things about her but if I try to pin down why she is so special to me, I would have to say – she loves me. Her oldest was our favorite babysitter! Having such a great relationship with a youth, her sisters, mom and dad is pretty special. I want to be like this friend. I love her to the very bottom of my heart.

There are many more precious people who have touched my heart and life for good. Maybe I can write more another day. But this post was seriously just to show a piece of cake!!!! LOLOLOL

 the yummy chocolate cake my awesome friends bought me because I was too sick to go to lunch with them yesterday. So here it is – the cake that started it all….


One thought on “World’s Best Friends

  1. You never cease to amaze me! You are an incredible friend, I love you and miss you! I still can’t look at pictures without tearing up! Sorry that I have not been in touch.


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