Mommy is a Monster

Day six of being sick. I have never been sick this long at one time. It is beginning to wear at my patience.

Here are the conditions

Dad – coughing and tightening in his chest
Mom – low grade fever, mega coughing, headache, body aches and lack of personality
#1 – small cough; lucky duck but not when it comes to doing chores – poor girl
#2 – sore throat and lots of congestion
#3 – mega sore throat, high fever
# 4 – we will see when he wakes up; last night he was okay
#5 – low grade fever
#6 – low grade fever, sore throat
#7 – mega coughing, fever
#8 – congestion coming out his eye, fever, body aches, oh and his nose is running like a fire hydrant
#9 – fever, cough, yucky nose

Well that pretty much wraps it up. Unfortunately I am a monster. So a child comes to me and says “my throat hurts really bad whine whine whine”. I try to tell them I don’t have it in me to listen to whining. I hear the teacher from Charlie Brown – wahhwahh wahh wahh wah.  If you have to talk to me try “Mom, my throat hurts may I please have some medicine.” That presents the problem and a way for me to fix it.

One child started whining from the first word this morning. He said “I didn’t get to bed at all last night.” Sorry son, mom is a monster. I encouraged him to say “mom, I had a hard time sleeping.” Then the monster told him “I was awake at least five times with #7 last night and you were asleep each of those times. So don’t tell me you didn’t sleep at all. That’s crap.”

Not exactly a loving, nurturing response but that’s the best I got right now. Another child came to me complaining about his/her sore throat. I tried to empathize considering I have been enduring it for many days. I thought it was a pretty good response. But then that child continued to whine – not grasping at all what I said. Oh well.

I nearly did a happy dance this morning because #8’s eye was not glued shut! I looked at him and excitedly said “your eyes are open all by themselves.” He looks at me and grumbles “mom, you woke me up.” Uh, you are two, dude. And clearly you were awake if I could see that your eyes were open. But I try to teach the kids not to argue with a two year old so instead, I started writing this post.

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