Baby Steps

Some of the kids and I watched the movie “What About Bob” the other day.  It’s another Bill Murray classic. The only line I remembered from years ago was his poem:

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m a schizophrenic…and so am I

Hilarious! Not exactly accurate but still funny! 

So last night my husband and I were talking. He mentioned that writing a book thing again and I said “well, at least I am writing a blog.” I started laughing “Baby steps on my blog. Baby steps writing more. Baby steps to a book.”

This morning I took #1 to seminary then came home and made breakfast! I thought I was pretty awesome. Then I felt so weak and sick I am now back in bed. Guess what I thought? Yep, baby steps to the car, baby steps making breakfast. But instead of being bummed I don’t feel well I am rejoicing that I made some progress today!

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