Late Night Diapers!

So tonight is a double baby shower for two great ladies!! One who already had her babe and one who is just a few weeks away.  They are both already seasoned moms so we thought we would have some fun.  So as part of our gifts, Hailey and I are doing late night diaper messages!  In my searching I could only find one list so I thought – I will make it two!

diapersHere are the phrases I used:

  • This is the front
  • Sorry I used a brown marker – eww
  • CAUTION! Open at your own risk
  • Isn’t it Daddy’s turn?
  • You’re gonna miss this (someday)
  • Do you smell something?
  • Special Delivery
  • Thanks Mom
  • Do you know what you are doing?
  • World’s Best Mom!
  • We meet again!
  • Be quick
  • So many diapers, so little time
  • Great sleep! How about you?
  • Man, all I do is sleep
  • Hey Mommy, full again!
  • I love you
  • Wake up, you don’t want this to look like my older brother did this
  • Sleep is over-rated – so no mom EVER
  • Sleep? Why dost thou avoid me?
  • Enjoy me. I grow fast
  • Is it supposed to be that color?
  • Sleep? What is that?
  • You are the best!
  • Smile! It’s 3 AM

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