The Stench of Which I Wish I Knew the Source

As if being in bed for five days super sick was not bad enough, now my house stinks. Hours and hours of no adult supervision. I am left with a cough and a rancid smelling house.

At first it smelled like spaghetti and I first noticed it when I blew my nose in toilet paper upstairs in my bathroom. GROSS. I am not a big fan of spaghetti in the first place. Now I smell it everywhere.

I have mopped every floor personally, cleaned bathrooms, opened the windows, scrubbed the kitchen, gone through the pantry and food storage closets. We have taken out and smelled every single Tupperware and thrown away any that smelled a little bit. I have made sure all the laundry has been gone through and I still come up empty handed.

I am almost out of ideas. Upstairs and downstairs stink. I can’t even narrow it down to a specific location. I asked the kids today, “Did anyone stuff spaghetti in the couch or bring in a dead animal from outside?” “No one” will confess to anything. “Somebody” had to do something.

Will this smell go away? In my research online I saw cases of a dead mouse in the walls and people were told to wait it out and in a couple weeks the scent would pass. Although I do not suspect a dead mouse, it has been a couple weeks already and my smell isn’t budging. I am beginning to worry. I smell it on our truck and on our clothes when we leave the house. Scentsy only tries to mask the smell, air freshness only last about thirty seconds. Ironic that I wrote a post recently about the house being a dump. Now it smells like it!!! What am I going to do?

One thought on “The Stench of Which I Wish I Knew the Source

  1. So I think you can get a smell stuck in your nose that only you really smell and your family thinks your crazy, but I’ve also fished out a rancid bottle of milk and funnily enough an overdue library book from out of the sofa lining. How it got way back through there and dropped down inside the sofa I’ve never figured out yet but spaghetti in the sofa… I know it is possible.


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