Elevator Greeting Committee

I know your type – precious

Look at you cutie

Oh my goodness how cute

Those are a few of the comments #9 got while we waited for a dr appt. the dr got a flat tire on his way in so we had a lot of time on our hands. I didn’t want to

zone out and mess around on my phone. So instead I took videos and pictures of my little cutie. A LOT of pics!!!

We sat on the general waiting area where people first get off the elevator. There were a lot of older people and most of them seemed to appreciate this greeting

She was quite the little ham. And enjoyed the attention!

All in all it only took about an hour and a half. She was amazing!  Persistent – she did not want to leave the biohazarous waste basket alone but I was increasingly persistent myself.

My favorite part – other than the dr saying what an awesome, beautiful girl she is – was pointing at the decorations on the wall. By the time we left she had the sad face pouty lip down pat!!  Such a cutie! Thanks for being such a good girl.

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