Why Me?

IMG_4248I am pretty sure I can imagine what you think this is going to be like. Well, hopefully you are wrong.

I try to be a good person, but most days I feel like a terrible mom. Each day I give every ounce of love and strength I have and yet I still fall short. Every.Single.Day.

So why me? Why will a two year old finally relax and go to sleep just because I put my hand on his chest.

How can I have the power to make an eighteen month old baby smile? Or even more, to be the only one she wants when she doesn’t feel good.

Why do my boys still treat me like I am amazing when I feel I offer them so little?

Why do my girls still give so selflessly despite my weakness and selfishness?

Why does my husband stay with me even though I have a knack for making him crazy?

I am the mom. The one the child cannot bear to be separated from – especially when I am in the bathroom. Yet the same one that child whines and fusses at as soon as I reappear.

How could I possibly deserve their love and admiration?

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