Life Changer

Funny how occasionally things come into your life at just the right moment. Sometimes it might even be something you have seen before or the same principle taught in just the right way!

My favorite quote is

Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Cross Country Trip 439

There is a life altering experience that goes with this picture so watch in the future for that!

Many years ago I was driving home when I saw someone I knew driving kind of crazy. She had her hazard lights on and was rushing around everyone. It surprised me – she was a better driver than that. Why was she in such a hurry? Did she think she was more important than the rest of us?

Later that day I found out she was rushing home to her sick grandmother. Memory fails but I am not sure grandma made it. Why did that detail change my thinking?  Instead of annoyance, I felt guilt. I had NO idea. Why was I so quick to judge.

After that I started trying to see situations for what they could be. A person sitting sadly in the car next to me – who knows – maybe they were just diagnosed with a horrible illness.

Nine years later, the kids and I try to come up with reasons people drive slower than the speed limit so we don’t get impatient. “Maybe he has to make dinner”, “Maybe she lost her job and doesn’t want to share the news”, or “Maybe his car is broken and won’t accelerate.” It works – we get more and more ridiculous, laughing and then voila – the person turns!

Despite these lessons learned over the years, this article hit me like a TON of bricks!! I read it to the kids later the same day and could barely read through the tears. The first stranger is shocking! But what the victim woman becomes is completely out of this world amazing! What an inspiration.

What a life changer!

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