Culinary Calamity

It’s one of “those” days.  Despite the obvious obstacles of motherhood, I decided to make a yummy breakfast, throw dinner in the crock pot and be set!  Well, here’s how it actually went down. Smoothies!  I love them.  My mother used to make one when we were kids and called it Breakfast in a Glass.  Sometimes my smoothies taste just like hers!  Makes me smile.  I spent thirty minutes looking for the various parts of the blender and finally relented when the silly part that screws on the bottom was the remaining missing link.

Smoothie down. broken appliancesNext, hash browns.  I LOVE my hash browns cooked on the griddle until they are super crispy.  I pull out the griddle and lo and behold one of the dials is broken off.  Completely dislodged from its little home inside the griddle.  So I pulled out a pan and threw the silly hash browns in the oven.  I didn’t think I could choke down a microwaved one at this rate.

Final step, dinner.  I pull out my fairly new crock pot that replaced the one that got broken.  I find the chicken, the liquid smoke and the lid (imagine that I found the right lid!).  Then I look – the dial is gone.  What are the chances?  So I head the cupboard that houses the crock pot but cannot find the dial.  Well, I plugged it in and it heated up so we shall see – dinner might be done at lunch time or maybe at dinner time!! I know kids don’t think about things like I do.  I know they all hate dishes and just throw them in the cupboards so they can say they are finished. I know my kitchen is not big enough for all the cool kitchen stuff I have to try and motivate me to cook.

What I don’t know is how to keep my kitchen appliances clean AND safe.  All three of the appliances mentioned above were purchased in the last 18 months – two of them within the last six months.  I am sad.  My kitchen is a disaster – a real culinary calamity and I have no vision of repair. Just thought I would share that with you.  And my silver lining – it wasn’t as bad as my husband’s day.

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