I protecting thegiftwas genuinely surprised when a second article within a month, read on Facebook stopped me in my tracks.  This article was another eye opener.  Five questions that good parents ask that might cause them to overlook sexual abuse.  Seriously!  Good parents, missing something important like that.  Well, read this article.  I am guilty of asking questions or telling my children things like this.  I would never in a million years have imagined those phrases could add to the problem.

Child safety is one of my passions.  I remember walking home from school by myself one day during middle school.  I felt vulnerable being alone as my friend always walked with me.  As I passed a wooded lot the thought came to me “Someone could snatch me and pull me into the woods and no one would ever know.”

My best friend lived just down the street and I remember once or twice I had to walk home alone.  I dreaded it so much, I still have nightmares about it!

As a young mother, a friend suggested a book for me to read.  It was Protecting the Gift.   This book is hard core.  In fact shortly after starting it I quit and questioned my friend further. Gavin de Becker, the author, is a well known predictor of violence and has worked for the country’s top agencies.  He doesn’t sugar coat the subject, which is disturbing but incredibly educational.  I had nightmares while reading the book, I will not lie.  And there are parts in my mind as vivid as the day I read it years and years ago.  In fact, I need to read it again now that I have teenagers to make sure the tips are fresh in my mind.

Over the years, I have vaguely heard a few stories of friends who have dealt with sexual abuse.  Each time I am completely dumbfounded.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  Unfortunately it is.

In fact, when I posted the above article I heard from someone through Facebook. In fact, the person said she is often judged by the way she parents because of her experience.  That made me think of Life Changer.  There is just absolutely NO way we can know even a fraction of what someone is dealing with in their lives.  Yet we still judge.


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