Dirty and Trashy – Every Mother’s Dream (or nightmare)

random kid shots (24)Get the Dirt Here – remember that post?  Well, apparently we have all the trash too 😉

Today as we sat around chatting more truth came out.  Not only is our house a dump but apparently we are evil too!  Hailey (the parent of the guilty children) was telling me today about some X-Men movie her boys want to see.  I can’t remember all the details but at some point her boys used in defense that the Hoffmanns watch things all the time and they don’t have Clear Play.  I laughed and said “Great. What else do your boys think of us?”  In our defense – my husband does fast forward through things so the kids don’t have to see it.  So please – come to the dump to watch trash!!

I must add – another mom brought her kids over to play today too. As soon as they walked in the door she told the kids to take off their shoes – because we have spent a lot of time searching for lost footwear!!!! LOL. Maybe I should be embarrassed. AlI can do though is laugh – because it is just so darn true!!!

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