Red, White and Blue – I Am For You

As a young child my grandma made me an afghan that was red, white and blue.  I am not sure if that inspired my love for patriotic things or not.  But I LOVE red, white and blue anything.  The actual afghan in is a box in storage so I can’t get it right now and I have not stumbled upon a picture of it.  So I will post a picture of my grandma!!  I miss her.P1000039

So my friend, Hailey and I were standing outside talking about the incredible sacrifices our military makes AND their families.  In fact, with the announcement of ISIS’ hit list, people in our own home town on the list, that sacrifice becomes even more real.  Imagining the fear and uncertainty that our own neighbors are feeling.  But just because this hits close to home doesn’t change that those feelings of fear and uncertainty are a part of everyday life for many.  So that if that doesn’t increase your appreciation, I don’t know what will.

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