Noiseless Night

Alright folks, I have a major dilemma.  I am exhausted.  I have been battling a major headache sometimes migraine for the past five days.  Yes, some parts of have been worse than others but I have not take this much migraine medicine in such a short time in years!  For those of you that do not know – I am a headache sufferer.  I have had a headache everyday since I was pregnant with my oldest – who will be 15 in a couple months.  So it is not like this is something new.

IMG_4276So the dilemma.  Everyone is in bed – no that is not the dilemma.  My husband and I have been passing each other as we head out to do things lately.  He said “Good night” sounding kind of sad that I am not going to bed.  But I have had noise ALL day.  With my two oldest girls away at camp, it is as if the remaining children need to tell me everything they would tell the girls.  So add the headache on top of that I am grumpy and in need of silence.  The tinkering sound of the keyboard is heavenly because that is all I hear other than the air conditioner turning on and off.

I want to support my husband and show him I love him by going to bed at the same time.  I remember all those years I would go to bed and he would be no the computer – it made me sad like he had a life beyond me. But what if I fall asleep right away? Then I will wake up and the quiet will be gone.  I just need to bask in it for a little while.  I just need to sit – not talk, not think, not listen – just sit.

So Dad of Nine.  I love you!  I do with all my heart and every ounce of energy I have within me.  I just can’t give up the entire noiseless night.

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