Hurry Up

3 game“Hurry up” one of the phrases I say the most.

I am breeding monsters.

Today, we were cleaning the boys room.  Super cleaning – digging out every nook and cranny.  I asked the boys to put in bags any of the clothes they will not wear so we can get rid of them.  I would rather pass them on to someone else than to continually pick them up off the floor or repeatedly wash them even though  they are never worn.

Hours into our cleaning I realize there THREE bags to get rid of.  At first I was excited – clearing out, that’s what it’s all about.  But then I started looking in the bag next to me.  Item after item of clothing that people in our house wear.  I found baby clothes, girl clothes, even the BRAND NEW pair of church pants I bought for the toddler boys.  My brain was boiling. I was about to come unglued.  How could someone throw away our good stuff!

As we continued cleaning the guilty party admitted what happened and said “I was just trying to hurry so we could get it done.”

How often do I say “Hurry up”, “Just get it done” and other phrases like that.  With homeschooling I used to say those things and now I have several kids that do a half-witted job or barely pass but that’s okay because it is technically passing.

What have I done?

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