Mindy’s Manic Monday

My baby woke up at 4 and wouldn’t go back to sleep for over an hour.  Once we got to sleep on the chair in the loft, I began to freeze.  I didn’t dare risk waking her up so I just froze.  When it was time to get up for good I stood up and under a whole bunch of junk about one foot away from me was one of my blankets.  Nice.  As I look back, maybe that was a sign.

After heading downstairs to make breakfast, I ran back up to get something.  As I approach the stairs I look up and saw this (censored out of love)


She was just dancing – didn’t seem to be bothered by her half nakedness. I, on the other hand was.  As I put on her diaper her legs felt wet.  Great.  A quick search and rescue mission revealed a small, mysterious puddle – in front of my sink in the bathroom. I was still thinking it’s okay – the day is going to get better.

While I cleaned up the pee pee puddle in my bathroom, a couple of the boys got into a brawl.  Broke that up and talked with them about it and looked –   it was only 8:00 am!  At that point I began to wonder if the clocks were moving.

I chose not to exercise because I didn’t have the kids school papers printed.  I didn’t want them to be set up for failure because I wasn’t prepared. So I was off to do that.  I successfully got the new toner into the machine and rejoiced when the printer finally gave me a green light.  Off I went – I started printing but this is what I got:

Gives new meaning to fifty shades of black or gray – whatever it is.

I was sitting in my room, desperately longing for a nap or a good cry (but I just didnt have the energy for that!). Oh and it was only 9:43am.

I felt angry because the kids could look online and write the answers on paper for these grammar and spelling assignments. But if I let them use a computer for school they will master switching up their Google profiles and  intricate doings of the silly screen magnifier. Honestly, I don’t even know where they find the stuff they waste time on.

#8 is crying. Gotta go.  He scraped his back on the stairs. I sat for a few minutes on the stairs to comfort him and then helped him safely make it to the bottom.  Once there I found this

#6 says “I didn’t know that happened.”

So I took this picture because I just can’t imagine that he had NO idea. Even better – he told his brother and sister at the table with him,  that they did know about it. How does he know they knew without knowing anything about it? I assure you, I am not making this stuff up.

As they picked up the crayons mixed with batteries, pennies, beads and every other choking hazard imaginable (note my stress level climbing because I am a safety freak), my oldest loudly declared “the Internet crashed.”  Four of the children do virtual school classes so no internet means no progress.  Deep breath.

Determined to do our scripture study I headed to the living room where I found this

Popcorn from the ceiling all over the couch and floor. No one admitted to it but one child informed me that two boys (the brawlers) were playing kick ball in the house and on big kicks they hit the ceiling. Big kicks, ceiling – wrong on so many levels – how did they justify that one?  So much for no balls in the house. Well, at least it wasn’t dodge ball.

 #2 sat down and loudly complained “Is the internet not working?” Huge sigh.

 #6 asked “Can you take a picture of me so I can see what I look like with my eyes crossed?”  Despite the odd request above, #6 had been a super star with jobs! He did all the kitchen jobs by himself.

As I wrote that though he was walking around the house with a fly swatter. He was chasing a large mosquito type bug.  He came up to me and asked “Did I hit it or did I hit it?”

I responded,  shaking my head, “Umm, actually I…I don’t think you hit it.”

As we left for orchestra/violin class – #3 couldnt find his music

I couldn’t find my second shoe.

(Do my feet look fat?).

On my quest I did, however, found these cute shoes that don’t belong to us.  Then as we ran out the door, late,  #1 ran back toward the house and said “I hope you didn’t lock the door yet. I forgot my violin!”

At this point I laughed and began sharing the day with #1.  She thought it was awesome.  So we hopped in the truck and turned on the car radio. What do you suppose began playing  – “Don’t Stop Believing”.  Although I have heard that song about 1,000 times since my husband went to that Journey concert,  (For weeks #3 played it over and over and when he wasn’t allowed to listen to it, he would sing it.) But it put grumpy #3 in a better mood.

As the song ended I was talking with the kids in the front of the van about how much I will miss them when they move out.  Just as I finished saying that, the the radio played “Stay”. #1 laughed again and said “Hand me your phone. You have to add this to the blog.”

I quit documenting the day around 3 pm.  Mostly because I cuddled with the littles on the couch and then made a collection of 80s songs for #1’s 15th birthday party.  Today was one of THOSE days.  But as I focused on recording the events and making sure I had pics, somehow it wasn’t so bad!

To wrap up the evening #6 came into the kitchen and put this on the counter in front of me.

 Sums up my day.

As my husband read this post, he complained about how bored he was today – most everyone around him worked from home. Waah.  So he sat in the quiet, no interruptions, diligently doing his work. And so it goes.

I am a little worried to see what tomorrow has in store.

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