Sleep, It’s For Wusses

Do they randomly wake up and survey their surroundings or do the sense my scent much like a wild animal?

Last night #8 had trouble sleeping.  He cried himself to sleep and then woke up over and over again crying.  The only way to quiet him down and allow others the chance to sleep is to lay with him.  He used to sleep in our bed and we had a hard time kicking him out, I mean, convincing him to sleep in his own bed 😉

So I slept on the floor next to him last night. He is the head at the very bottom of the picture.  It is like he senses when I slip away and return to the comfort of my own bed.

In the morning though I was more stumped by #7.  He was sleeping on the mattress next to his sister with his head and feet reversed.  Sometime during the night he must have surveyed his surroundings and noticed me within a five foot radius or did he smell my presence.  Either way, he is the one taking up most of MY pillow.

Needless to say my neck is killing me today!  But everyone else got some sleep!

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