Wait, I think I heard a pin drop

For the first time in forever (well, 15 years is a long time) Nathan and I are going away for three nights.  Other than nights in the hospital having babies there have been only a couple times we have escaped with no children.  Impressive though that we have a friend who is willing to take the whole circus!

This time, grandparents are in town and the kids are so excited they probably won’t notice we are gone!

So the first business trip I went on with Nathan was to stay at a Disney resort. I see pictures all the time from conferences he goes to with beautiful hotels.  I was excited. So we are at a Marriott so I thought that will be nice.  It is okay.  The one thing I really wanted was a nice tub – instead we have a bathroom the size of the bathroom in our first house where you have to be an acrobat to get around the door just to shut it without standing on the toilet.  I had to shut the door to be able to take this picture.IMG_8493

Tub, there is one but I will have to buy some cleaner before there is any chance I am going to sit in it.

The room itself was not what I had envisioned knowing the places he normally gets to stay.  But there is a king size bed!

hotel room

The view is spectacularIMG_8494Spectacular that they do not attempt to improve it.

We are right next to the Miami airport and with all of the toll roads and craziness around, I honestly don’t think I will be leaving the hotel room by myself.  I fear I will end up in Cuba or wrack up a lot of fines for unintentionally going through Sun Pass lanes. The GPS last night tried to get us to take the express lanes but my hubby was too smart! A little down the road we saw that it is a $100 fine. I probably would have followed her instructions. So I feel I am trapped in a madhouse but my room is QUIET!!!!

Yes, it is 10:15 am and I am sitting on a bed with NO noise.  It is called vacation.  Nathan left for work and I have been left to do whatever I want to do!  Ah, the power of a do not disturb sign.  This is the life.  So although I feel like I am living in the lap of no luxury I am blessed to do what I want. I can sleep in, nap, blog, edit pictures, check up on Facebook.  Of course through texting I am still dealing with my kids teachers but then text Grandma and Grandpa to deal with the kid! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

It was strange last night though – no one to put to bed, no one laying on the floor on my way to the bathroom, no crying…Nathan and I almost didn’t know what to do with each other! Talk without interruption – wow, we might run out of things to say because we can talk uncontested!

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