My Favorite Things

My last post may have come across a little on the negative side, so in accordance with my Silver Lining philosophy I had to do a follow up.  Miami is still a total madhouse!  We walked down the street to lunch yesterday with Nathan’s boss and co worker.

IMG_8497 After lunch we drove to Dolphin Mall.  Seriously, not ONE minute after leaving the hotel parking lot we passed TWO wrecks!  You could stand in one spot and see both at the same time. Some of these drivers are lunatics.  It was a Wednesday afternoon and no matter what road we checked Google maps showed red lines for the traffic.  I secretly prayed just about the entire time that we would survive.

We parked at the Dolphin Mall and this is what I saw…..(insert heavenly sounding music – ahhhh!)


We did not go to Ikea though – the Dolphin Mall was awesome.  It is a massive outlet mall with eight different halls.  Don’t tell the kids but they all got some new clothes!! It was so much fun shopping for them.  Even when I am away they monopolize my thoughts, prayers and actions.  I hope they know just how loved they are.

The return trip to the hotel was much like the trip there and I was so elated to arrive safely in the hotel parking lot! So much so I really did not want to leave.  I am usually the one that wants to go places, see things and eat out.  Gratefully my husband loves me and he didn’t mind staying in – so we ordered Chinese!  They delivered! That is definitely a silver lining.  We watched Mystery Diners last night for the first time and lo and behold a restaurant here in Miami was on the show. I looked it up – just 15 miles away.

IMG_8499I am a Chinese take out kind of girl.  I have been disappointed going to fancier Chinese restaurants – just give me the cheap stuff!

Today I have eight hours to myself.  Nathan suggested I go back to Ikea.  As of right now the only reason I might leave this room is to visit one of my favorite things about the hotel – the ice hopper!  I do love Ikea but the drive there is what makes me frown.  Maybe I will be bored later! Maybe.

So real quick – these are a few of my favorite things– the ice hopper, the do not disturb sign which people actually obey, the shower head, the king size bed, silence and Nathan coming “home” to me.  Life is definitely good! Tomorrow we return home to the rascals.  I will be refreshed and ready to take on the world with them!

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