Mother’s Day

I really need to call my mom. There are times in every girl’s life that she just needs her mom. 

If only I had shown my mother everyday just what she meant to me. It has been six years this month since my mother unexpectedly passed away. It has shown me that we really have no guarantees. 

Today was a great day until after dinner. The complaining and grumbling about jobs got so bad I decided to just do the dishes myself. In fact if I would have just done all the jobs if they all went upstairs and were quiet.

It breaks my heart that they can be so mean to each other. I remember spats with my brother and sister but being on this side of it really hurts. 

Today just feels like one of those days I can’t make anyone happy.  I even gave up my nap 😦

Tomorrow will be better. Right? I hate to post something so negative but my goal is to be real. 

Here’s my new t-shirt Nathan got me on his last trip – it will make us smile.

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