Caroling 2015

  One of our favorite Christmas traditions is caroling. Usually we take guitars and violins and make a big production of it. This year we were plagued with sickness off and on all month so we didn’t get to go all together. But even without instruments, it was lots of fun.

Caroling over the years has strengthened friendships and even created new ones!

As I plan where we will go I leave room for inspiration. This year as soon as I started thinking about who we will visit,  a woman named Virginia popped in my head. We sang to her two years ago.

We arrived at her house hopeful that we wouldn’t scare her since she lives alone. We started singing and after a little bit she opened the door. We told her we had been there before and she said she figured it was us. She is in her nineties and said this made her Christmas. When she was young she would go caroling all the time so she was excited to see people still doing it! It was so neat to see how just singing a song could touch someone’s heart.

 Some moments from this year I don’t want to forget:

One kind, older woman sat in her room wishing to hear music. Then we rang the door bell. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Another woman told her daughter she wished they could have carolers. Later that day I texted her daughter to arrange a time for us to come caroling. She enthusiastically asked if we could sing at her mother’s house. How fun!

After singing at the house above we walked next door to an older woman’s home. Our friend warned us “watch out for hitch hikers.” I wasn’t sure what the hoopla was about until at our next stop. There I found out that Carrie thought she meant people that are hitch hikers!! That would have made me a little nervous too. Gratefully she meant the annoying weeds that stick to clothes and shoes. One of Carrie’s daughters were covered in them!

We surprised a friend one evening.  After we sang she ran to get some delicious cookies she had made that afternoon.

About 20 of us went to a rehabilitation center to carol to a friend. We set off the alarm on the way in, again when we tried to exit through one door and a third time as we exited through their preferred door. Pretty sure they were glad to see us go!

Some friends were unable to join us because of illness. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them so we went to carol to them and their close friends. My heart was full as I saw the enthusiasm and joy of our friend ring the bells while singing Jingle Bells.

Several people said they have never had carolers before and a couple people’s jaws dropped to the floor when they saw the huge group of carolers!

We were even treated to a concert from Old Guys Rule! One band member  lives down the road from friends of ours. We didn’t know they were rehearsing but they invited us in for a concert! We filled their front room – but the children were so excited! My violinist wants to go back and fiddle with them!  It was so much fun!

This was the most rewarding season of caroling. Thank you to all who participate and those that allowed us to come! We love you all.

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