I am not fishing for compliments – I promise. But my goal was to be open and honest here. So here we go!

When we moved to our current home, we were very turned off by the administration at our zoned elementary school. Considering the amount of time that I spent each evening helping #1  with her math homework, it didn’t seem like homeschooling would be too much more.

So we dove in! It was fabulous. I am all about parties and celebrations so we did a lot holiday events mixed in with unit studies and math. The kids were third grade and below so it was a lot of fun. Things were great until #7 came along. Suddenly it became increasingly difficult. I vividly remember #7 pulling everyone’s books off their desks while they tried to work. The only thing I could say was “Just think – next year there will be two of them.”

IMG_1974Seven years later, we have three little ones. It is crazy. I will not sugar coat it. I hear my name about 500,00 times a day. Usually from multiple sources at the same time. It is very overwhelming. I began to feel like I am failing my children. They conveniently don’t do what I ask while I feel insanely guilty that we are not accomplishing what I feel we should. It is a vicious cycle.


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