Heading to the Circus

cirque italia collageAs a ring leader I fully appreciate a circus. On the way to a doctor appointment #7 saw a giant blue and white tent. Intrigued we drove by slowly to see what it was. Cirque Italia. He could hardly wait to go home and find out about it. He proudly told everyone HE found the circus. We have missed more than one traveling circus so we decided we would take the kids this time. Well, I would take them – Nathan does not like gymnastics, acrobats, etc.

We arrived early to make sure we could get eight seats together. The kids were SO excited. So was I – their excitement was rather contagious. Turns out I had the best seat in the house – we were on the top row right next to the spotlight so I had a clear shot up the center with only stairs in front of me. I know, I should have been nice and let one of the little guys sit there unobstructed. I tried. But the chairs rocked and four were connected together. No matter what combination of children I tried – I was getting motion sick. Bleh.

Everyone enjoyed the jugglers. I was a little nervous as they made two mistakes. In my mind I was thinking “I sure hope they are a professional circus and there will be no people falling from great heights. My anxiety increased as sweet #7 was in tears as the first acrobat dangled from a long cloth. She did great though and I took a breath of relief.

#8 was most excited because Cirque Italia is a water circus. He could hardly wait for the water. In fact, he fell asleep on my lap before they even showed water. Such a bummer.

The oldest girls were sitting on the other end of our group but #5 was close to me – her sheer joy with each act made the cost priceless. She would loudly ooh and aahh and gasp with emotion. The kids videoed every act! They even got pictures with a couple of the stars after the show.

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