Sick Day

So I’m sick. I have a fever and everything. The kids are great about keeping the kids downstairs so I can rest. They sit in front of the toddler shows and zone out. Meanwhile, the toddlers come to my door for everything! 

“Mom, can I have some pudding.”

“Mom, I got a new book.”

“Mom, dressed.”

“Mom, no one is making my lunch.”

The two oldest are doing school so the are exempt. #5 and #6 aren’t feeling that great either. All three littles have yucky noses too so no one feels great. So I am not complaining. 

It did however make me remember something funny. My children will walk upstairs to ask me for a drink even if there are EIGHT people downstairs that could get it. Or even better, the older kids coming upstairs to ask me for more food when my husband is still at the table WITH the food! Seriously! Am I wrong in finding this frustratingly funny?

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