They Let Us In!

So our amazing friend was in the hospital recently. We love this guy so we HAD to go visit. My husband and I went one evening but the kids really wanted to visit also. So at first I tried to figure out which kids I should leave home, but really, how can I choose who gets to show their love to our friend. So I loaded up the truck and took the circus to the hospital.


The kids were pretty good for the most part (notice two of them strapped into strollers.) But we got a lot of looks. Imagine how long it took for us to walk down the hall – one after another after another. Maybe I should make a shirt saying “Yes, they are all mine.” or “I will save you time – there is nine!”  If you have a clever shirt idea leave it in the comments – I might just make it!

One thought on “They Let Us In!

  1. Loved having you all come visit me! You are the best.

    T-shirt wise, how about all kids’ shirts say “my parents are Mormon” or have 1/9 on first, 2/9 on second, etc.


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