Get Back Up Again

At the end of band practice, Chloe’ returned to her favorite position for playing the guitar – upside down! Then she broke out in song. We just recently watched the movie Trolls and all the kids are in love with the music. So enjoy this upside down version of “Get Back Up Again”.

The Full Peek

Well, here it is. I tried to export it three times and was unsuccessful. But it is finally here – with a little help from my hubby!

Peek Into My Circus

For years people have said they wish they could see what life is like with NINE children. Well, wait no more! We figured this is the perfect time to start because we are starting a family band! So check us out on YouTube – Episode 1 and subscribe so you won’t miss one crazy video!

Future Optometrist 

While looking at the kids first encyclopedia of the body – Brittyn saw the eyes and said “They’re magical.” Everything else she said was gross and when I would say it’s inside her body she would say “Don’t want it. No”


It was late. I was tired. The room was dark  and quiet. I, almost silently, put on my chapstick. As I returned it to its spot on the shelf I hear “I need yipstick”. And I thought she was asleep. I was so quiet – how did she know? Chip bags, candy and yipstick –…

Dressed to the Nines

Concert day is always exciting but today was even better than normal. This morning I took Brooklynn and Chloe’ shopping for something new to wear to the concert. They were so excited to just drop school and go shopping! We got in the car and drive to Ross. Our back up plan was TJ Max…