Dressed to the Nines

Concert day is always exciting but today was even better than normal. This morning I took Brooklynn and Chloe’ shopping for something new to wear to the concert. They were so excited to just drop school and go shopping!

We got in the car and drive to Ross. Our back up plan was TJ Max and Target. Without high hopes we entered the store. We went straight to the dresses because they both really wanted a black dress.

After a few minutes Brooklynn found one to try on and then so did Chloe’! Then it happened…

Chloe’ pulled out a pants outfit – it had a high neck and sparkles everywhere! She fell in love. Both girls went to the fitting room with three items each. We left ready to purchase five of those six items. That never happens – I thought maybe it was a dream or we entered an alternate universe.

We proceeded to find some small shirts to help make the outfits more modest and comfortable. It was the perfect shopping trip!

Check out my gorgeous girls! I had to add the second shot because they are holding hands – I love that they are best friends!b-c-concert-febbc-concert-feb2


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