Goodbye Finally!!

Today we say goodbye to Koen’s damaged front tooth. It has hung on against all odds. He hit it on a coffee table when he was two. We have wiggled forever but it won’t come out! And Rhys is getting his last fillings. We love the dentist but we go way too often. Save


We had an extra little cutie pie running around here today! Everyone totally adores her. Brittyn even got a little jealous because our friend always wanted Chloe’. Save

All or Nothing

Breakfast this morning is all or nothing. Everything bagel or plain. On the funnier side, Brittyn ran up to Nathan and said “Where are you going?” Nathan replied “To work.” Brittyn said “I gotta ask Mom.” She ran to me and asked if Daddy could go to work. I said “yes.” She ran back and…

50 Mile Canoe Trip

So my oldest boys, Joseph and Dallen went on a 50 mile canoe trip this week. It’s spring break and the temperature got down to 28 degrees. Brr. They did great and kept their heads up and pressed forward through rain, wind and cold. I took some pics of the drop off and the return…

No Kids – Seriously

The last few years Nathan has gone to Salt Lake City for a Qualtrics convention. The last two years he let me tag along. So although it says vacation it should be noted Nathan did have to work a few days. We hoped this video would show parts of life at home and parts of…