Music to My Ears

pcum-concert-8.jpgOnce a year the highest orchestra in the Flagler Youth Orchestra gets to play a one hour concert as part of a youth music festival held at a local church. It is definitely one of my favorite events because they get to play so much music! This year was even more exciting because Brooklynn and Chloe’ both got to play as part of the quartet (yes a quartet with nine people! They have several on each part so at least one per part can make each gig.)

In addition to all those exciting parts – Brooklynn got to play a solo. She has been working on it since BEFORE summer! So she was elated to finally get to play it! She played it beautifully!

Here is Brooklynn’s solo.

The Norwegian Dance was one of my favorite pieces because it is the same tune as one of my voice recitals in college! Such a cute piece.

PCUM concert (10).jpg

This is a picture with their amazing director! She also is/was the girls private violin and piano teacher. We love her so much and cannot thank her enough for the life altering influence she has had on our girls!

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