Potty Humor

For those of you that know me, you are aware of how much I hate potty training. It has been a struggle with almost every single kid. With the last, I let up because she was afraid of the toilet. No use scarring her for life, right? She has sat on the potty and has even used it before but claimed she was too afraid to continue.

Until….one night while playing Mara and Brittyn ran to the bathroom to hide from Rhys. Rhys yells out “You can’t be in the bathroom – you aren’t using the potty.” Brittyn immediately got on the toilet and peed so she could say “Yes, I am!”

If that wasn’t humorous enough, she ran out triumphantly and said “I’m potty trained.” Seriously? Well, it was HER idea and from then on she has used the potty. She has had a couple of accidents but she is potty trained – out of spite!

One last touch of potty humor from Brittyn. The first time she pooped in the potty she ran out and said “I literally just pooped.”

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