January 2018 in Pictures

Here is a quick glance at some of the things we did in January.

The top left picture Nathan took to mock his first born Florida girl. It was only 57 out but she was bundled head to toe – inside!

Top right is Chloe’ with a fork in her hair. She removed all of the wallpaper from the kids bathroom, cleaned, painted and then helped me replace the flooring! And all the while her favorite tool was a fork. She was pretty impressive with laying flooring and it was fun to have a project for just the two of us!

Middle left — Rhys lost his FIRST tooth! It came out while eating a hamburger. And yes, he swallowed it.

Middle right – Anderson was shocked at how tall Koen is getting. Seriously he is 5 years younger and THAT tall!

Bottom left is a massive pot of potato soup. We fed the Elders but still wanted some leftovers. It is my favorite soup EVER! Oh, and homemade bread bowls. So delicious.

Bottom right – Mara and Rhys asleep. Mara is a sweetheart – Rhys complained one night that he didn’t have anyone to cuddle with – Mara to the rescue!

Jan 2018

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