An Evening at the Auditorium

Last night we were blessed to spend the evening listening to beautiful music. The Flagler Youth Orchestra is amazing. It is an after school program that teaches children string instruments for FREE. They meet for two hours a week and the outcome is absolutely incredible. We have been part of the FYO for nine and a half years and every year I think “This is too good to be true.” Not only do the children gain a deep love of music but the leaders and teachers genuinely care. Brooklynn is able to help out in some of the younger classes which has shown her more excitement for teaching! Ms. Cheryl, the director of the program is nothing short of a miracle worker! How she does it all AND still know all of the children by name is incredible. Ms. Sue, the conductor of Harmony Chamber, is brilliant, funny, and kind. Our girls have taken private lessons from her and it is truly amazing to get to know her! Mr. C, the conductor for Con Brio is such a character! Chloe’ took cello lessons from him and it was the first that I really got to know him. He is so funny as you will see in the video but I think I stopped recording before him bowing about six times because the crowd kept clapping. Chloe’ even said she might stay in Con Brio for cello instead of trying out for Harmony just because of Mr. C. It is such wonderful thing to send my children off to a program where I know the people in charge will guide them, instruct them and truly care about them!

Here is Con Brio’s first piece. Joseph, Chloe’ and Anderson are part of this group. This concert Joseph was concert master and Chloe’ (first year on cello) was first chair cello. Anderson can be seen just past the conductor. It was exciting to hear the pieces in their entirety but I must say it is pretty cool to hear them practice – violin, 2nd violin and cello. Now if we can just convince Dallen or Mara to play the bass!

The third piece I only did a sound recording of instead of video because my phone was filling up. I did sound recording of a lot of the girls songs from their last concert and I love having them on my phone. It is more convenient to listen to something than to watch a video. Whenever I try to watch something the children are all over me like flies!

The concert ended with Harmony Chamber Orchestra with Brooklynn and Chloe’ both playing 1st violin. It was nice to have Chloe’ on the edge – much easier to see than the last concert!

Not everyone was as excited to be there. But I must say it was a relief when Rhys fell asleep. Before it even started he was all upset about how long it was going to be. He was constantly complaining about it being boring, hanging on my arm and making weird noises out loud. Ugh. I had warned him that he wouldn’t get ice cream (our after concert tradition) but he kept pushing. Finally he complained one more time and I said “Wouldn’t it be a shame to sit through this whole concert being bored AND not get ice cream?” Smart boy – he went to sleep!



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