Dallen’s First Surgery

On the third day of the year we reached our deductible. Gotta love that. Yeah, not really.

A few months ago we saw a sleep doctor, did a sleep test and Dallen was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. He also has some serious allergies – he is allergic to almost everything outside. In addition, his tonsils and adenoids are HUGE! Thus we went to the ENT.

Our favorite pediatrician recommended the ENT that we used when Brooklynn had her tubes removed. He was wonderful! So I felt pretty comfortable trusting him with another child. The doctor explained that most of the time in children apnea is cured by removing tonsils and adenoids! Wahoo. He then explained that since Dallen is the size of an adult he would give him a narcotic after the surgery for pain.

I left feeling pretty good. But in the following weeks I was having an impossible time getting in touch with the person at the office that would tell me how much the surgery would cost us. Two weeks before the surgery I even went so far as to call my insurance company to find out the cost. They called the lady at the doctor’s office and all seemed well. Until I asked the insurance person what I was going to pay and he didn’t know! I tried to call the doctor’s office to find out and STILL could not get the lady on the phone.

Deep reservations started to kick in one week before the surgery. I asked on Facebook about ENT’s around town and got some interesting information. There were a couple people that commented that made me super uneasy about going through with the surgery. Then another friend suggested another ENT. I called to get an appointment, called the first doctor to cancel and felt SO much better. What a relief.

When we went to the new ENT I felt SO good. She was very knowledgeable and even does surgery related to sleep apnea. Then she said “I will only give him Tylenol and Motrin after the surgery because research shows fatalities in children with apnea using narcotics.” My heart sank and I nearly burst into tears as I thought what if we had gone through with the other doctor. I am not saying something like that would have happened but it struck me hard!

Over the holidays we had a nasty cough and fever going through the family. I was so afraid Dallen would get it before the surgery or worse AFTER the surgery. Imagine coughing like crazy with a ripped up throat.

d-surgery.jpgFinally the day arrived. Dallen had his tonsils and adenoids removed and his uvula trimmed. I had no idea how he would respond to such a procedure. There had been anxiety and stress in nearly every step of the process.

After the procedure the doctor came to get me before Dallen was even really awake. It was such a relief to be back together! I was so grateful it was over! Now on to recovery.

Dallen was a champ – he never complained. His surgery was at 7:30 am. I asked him repeatedly through the day if he needed medicine and checked with the nurses to make sure he wasn’t going to fall behind the pain and have a miserable time. By 4 pm I asked “are you sure you don’t want any pain medicine?” He finally took some. Our friends, Peter and Sherry, came to visit and brought him a delicious milkshake!!

Dallen and I spent one night together at the hospital because of his apnea. But he did great and we went home the next day! His recovery was amazing – lots of laying around and drinking like a mad man which is exactly what he was supposed to do! Medicine every three hours around the clock reminded me of life with a newborn! But we made it. Dallen didn’t get the sickness and I am just amazed. He got a Priesthood blessing before the surgery and I know that the Lord was with Dallen every step. What a relief as I had to walk away from child. Way to go Dallen!!

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