Not My Circus

I think this is the first post where my family was not the circus! Granted, most of my children (including all the littles) were not with me! But I would like to think we have a different kind of circus anyway.

 The gym was packed, people everywhere! The excitement of the game riveting through the air. The game was close, the crowd was into it. Then I started noticing my surroundings.

Whenever one lady’s grandson would make a play, she would stand at the top of the bleachers, raise her hand in the air, and spin in a circle like riding a horse, yelling “Woohoo, that’s my grandson. “That was sort of cute – showing her pride for her family.

But then in front of me, a very enthusiastic father was holding his baby and yelling instructions to his son and other players. That wasn’t too bad until he jumped up to yell and dropped the baby! Later he walked the side of the court, yelling with the baby dangling at his side.

I am not totally into basketball. I am totally into my children. And I am totally into games when my kids or good friends are playing. But maybe my lack of passion for the game itself leaves me to sit on the bleachers and cheer (sometimes for the other team when someone does something impressive).

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