Imagination Station

I love how a child’s mind works. Last week we were at the park and a man’s daughter had set up an ice cream stand selling mulch ice cream. She proudly called out “Ice cream!”

A little boy came to claim his “ice cream” but as he turned around a boy from up on the top yelled “He’s got a weapon!” Within seconds that “ice cream” turned into a “weapon”.

Here is Koen’s massive set up with his favorite toys from Christmas.


The little characters are hiding behind barricades, they are split up between two teams and if you look – even the nativity stable and shepherd made the cut! Yes, there is a  battery in the mix, but I taught him it isn’t safe to play with batteries!

Then I look to the right and down the hall Rhys has set up his race.


Their favorite thing to do is to dress up though. Today they splitting in teams by finding a certain color of clothes and wearing all that they can find of their color.

Check out Silly Rhys.

Here is the kids big finish acting out a song from Teen Beach. Never a dull moment!


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