Clean and Fed

Every six month (if we are lucky enough not to need appointments in between) we head to the dentist. Thankfully our dentist is amazing and lets me bring four kids one time and five the next. That is great since it is 30 miles one way!

The name Rhys means enthusiastic and we hit the nail on the head with that one. He gets SO excited about everything – including going to the dentist. Often I hear from him “This is the best day ever!”

We made out pretty well. One of four has to get some fillings and one needs to return to the orthodontist and oral surgeon. Brittyn sat in the chair like a big girl and Rhys thoroughly enjoyed being the only kid to play the video games. And when another girl came in he immediately gave it up without a fuss. That is a big deal for him!

So what do you do when it is almost 1 pm and you have nine kids to feed? Chick Fil A!! 108 nuggets.

And they were nice enough to give us each our own sauce! Check out Mara’s skills below.20180223_122820813492504.jpg

Best news – my husband messaged and we get to go on a date tonight. Like a real date – not just going to Walmart!


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