Circle of Life

Yesterday was quite a day. We started the day at a funeral of a wonderful man, Ron Crunkleton. I ended the day at a baby shower! It really made me think about the Circle of Life.

Ron Crunkleton

Ron and his wife, Sherry have been such an example to me over the last 9 years that we have lived here. Ron battled Alzheimer’s since before we met him. He and his wife were teachers of the three year old children at church. They were legendary! The most prominent thing I have learned from them is love. Sherry’s constant Christlike service and Ron’s deep love for Sherry. On his blog, my husband perfectly captured an encounter with Ron called The Broken Man. It is a must read!

Ron and Sherry are remarkable people – loving, determined, loyal, brilliant and gentle. I have always loved hearing stories about the Ron we never knew and yesterday his son gave an amazing Life Sketch sharing with us a glimpse into who that Ron was. It was beautiful, funny and utterly amazing. I cannot imagine the void Sherry is facing. She has many talents and gifts and many people who love her! I know she will be fine – she is incredible – not everyone can out swim a shark! I love you Sherry!

After the Life Sketch, Brooklynn and Chloe’ sang their own arrangement of “There is a Green Hill Far Away.” They sang it a capella. I have heard them sing hundreds of times and I absolutely LOVE it! They have beautiful voices but as I sat there yesterday I was in awe. Their amazing talent coupled with this sweet spirit of love and the Holy Ghost. It was heavenly. I am so grateful that they were able to add to a beautiful memorial service.

In the afternoon, four kids and I were blessed to be able to help a friend of a friend move. I am so grateful that our friend asked. It was very neat to have a large group of people working together (only a couple that I know!) But everyone had a common goal and purpose so it didn’t matter if we knew each other! That is how service should be.

Then in the evening we celebrated the anticipation of a new little babe! A ton of friends gathered together and showered Hailey with gifts.

2 thoughts on “Circle of Life

  1. Oh Mindy,. I must admit that the memorial service was wonderful. That was the best I had ever heard the girls sing. Many people have commented to me as to how they sang like angels. Magnificent!!!! It truly was heavenly. I loved the Scottish theme to the song, Ron was scotch irish. This is going to be difficult, Ron and I were attached at the hip, we did everything together. I feel like I have lost part of me. Hope I can do this. You know it has been 34 years since that shark attack, guess it wasn’t my time yet. Never will forget that harrowing experience. I always enjoyed Nathan’s Broken Man article. It was so well written. And you did such a fine job with the bulletin. Such a talented family. Thank you for the kind words, I love you all!!!!!


    • You are amazing and you are right – it will be difficult. How beautiful to have loved so deeply and to be attached to each other! There must be some magic between you! I’m sure Ron wants you to remember the confidence he has in you! He will be near you as you fulfill your mission here on earth and thankfully families are forever! You have a lot of people around that want to help ease your burden. We love you so much!


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