The Greatest Showman

My children heard great things about the movie The Greatest Showman and looked up all the songs and committed them to memory. In fact, Rhys just left the room singing “From now on….” While the kids’ grandparents were here we found out that there is a $2 theater in Deland that was still showing the…

Brittyn’s Favorite Thing

y kids used to be very afraid of dogs. Well, not anymore! Thank you Peter and Sherry for letting the kids walk the dogs and become friends with them. The other day Brittyn put her shoes on first thing in the morning and said “I want to be ready when Peter comes.” The last thing…

Sidewalk Chalk

The kids had a blast with sidewalk chalk. If you can see there are hearts, love letters, smiley faces and a kid covered in chalk!

Funny Florida and Thinking

One day we are sweating and it’s over 80 degrees and the next day is cool and windy. We went for a walk on the beach yesterday. Brittyn didn’t last very long because she was afraid of the cold water. There isn’t a lot of sand left on Flagler Beach since the hurricanes. It’s sad…


We were 5 for 5 today at the dentist. All cavity free! Chloe’ got a huge compliment – the hygienist said “Chloe’ is the hygienist of the family. Her teeth are so clean!” Even her wisdom tooth. Way to go!!