The Greatest Showman

My children heard great things about the movie The Greatest Showman and looked up all the songs and committed them to memory. In fact, Rhys just left the room singing “From now on….”

While the kids’ grandparents were here we found out that there is a $2 theater in Deland that was still showing the movie! So I took all nine kids and Grandma. It was wonderful. I had heard great things and that it is full of energy but I was fully prepared for it to not live up to the expectation. I was wrong! It was amazing. For days after we went to the movie Brittyn (4) would come up and say “Thank you Mommy for taking me to The Greatest Showman.” Here is a picture of some of her artwork next to her bed – yep, it is a coloring page of Anne.

While watching the songs on YouTube (just in case they haven’t seen them enough) Brittyn’s favorite parts of the movie are when people kiss. I don’t remember any of the other girls being so excited about this at such a young age. She is definitely one of a kind!

I can’t remember any other movie that ALL NINE kids have loved. So we looked on Saturday to see when it comes out on Amazon and we were ecstatic to see it comes out today!! So if you haven’t seen it – do it!

Any guesses what we are going to do tonight as a family? Nathan hasn’t seen it yet! I wonder if he will like it.


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