You Might Be a Nerd….

Nathan and I went out to dinner. Metro Diner – Holy Davoli burger – it is SO good! It is a burger with pickle slaw served on two grilled cheese sandwiches. No you didn’t read that wrong – two grilled cheese AND a burger. I only ate half and still feel kind of sick from overeating. We brought the other half home for the kids to try and now they are all planning to go to Metro Diner for their birthday!

After we shared the burger I looked over and saw my new package. There on the table, in a box much larger than I had expected was an electric miracle machine – a pencil sharpener. I have bought several over the years and they never seem to survive. We have a million pencils not sharpened which makes school more challenging. So yes, my heart is giddy!

Oh and I will be a Sharpener Nazi – like the soup Nazi in Seinfeld. Hailey just mentioned it the other day and it totally fits! No one is allowed to use my sharpener. There will be a cup to put pencils in need. When I get around to it, I will redeem the pencil and return it to the cup for future use. If you don’t return a pencil they will run out. Do not touch my sharpener. I am not kidding. I bought one at Christmas time and some kid thought it would be so cool still an eraser in it. Yeah, not really. I fixed that and the next day THE SAME KID stuffed a crayon in it. That did it in – it was too deep to repair. The sharpener was no match for a five year old. It didn’t even last a week. đŸ˜¦

So, you might be a nerd when seeing a brand new pencil sharpener brings you enough joy that you will protect it at all cost!

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